A2 Federal: A Legacy of Honor and Dreams

In the world of business, names are carefully crafted to capture attention and evoke a sense of purpose. Such is the case with our very own A2 Federal, a name that holds a deep and poignant significance. Now, allow us to unveil the story behind our company’s name.

The genesis of A2 Federal can be traced back to the service and sacrifice of two individuals: Technical Sergeant Albert L. Ackerman, Jr. (left), and his twin brother, Private Henry H. Ackerman (right). These extraordinary brothers exemplify the essence of valor and resilience, both serving their country during the tumultuous era of World War II.

Technical Sergeant Albert L. Ackerman, a member of the renowned Timberwolves, belonged to the 104th Infantry Division (104thID). It was within the ranks of this division that he served alongside his fellow soldiers in arms. Their efforts were not in vain, for the 104th ID earned distinguished recognition as a liberating unit. The U.S. Army’s Center of Military History and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum jointly honored them in 1988 for their pivotal role in liberating the Dora-Mittelbau concentration camp on April 11, 1945.

Sadly, fate dealt a tragic blow on the last day of combat operations for the 104th ID. On April 21, 1945, Technical Sergeant Albert L. Ackerman made the ultimate sacrifice, laying down his life in service to his country. Today, he rests in eternal peace at the Netherlands American Cemetery, a solemn reminder of his unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit.

Private Henry H. Ackerman, the surviving half of the indomitable duo, served with the 153rd Infantry Division in the Aleutian Islands. His military journey led him to participate in the occupation of Adak and the audacious assault on Kiska, only to discover that the Japanese forces had already abandoned the island. Amidst the trials and tribulations of war, Private Henry H. Ackerman harbored a dream—a dream that, although unfulfilled, embodied the unwavering spirit of the Ackerman brothers.

Although never realized, as a young boy, Henry longed to own a ranch, where the name “Ackerman” would proudly adorn the entrance, a symbol of his aspirations and determination. A2 Federal strives to honor this dream, however modestly. The name “A2” pays homage to Henry’s cherished vision, intertwining it with the enduring legacy of Albert and the profound significance of their shared sacrifices.

Today, as we stand proud under the banner of A2 Federal, we draw inspiration from the unwavering courage and dedication exhibited by the Ackerman brothers. Their story, etched in the annals of history, serves as a constant reminder of the values that underpin our company’s ethos—teamwork, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to the United States.

As we continue to chart our course in the dynamic landscape of national security, we carry with us the ethos of this legacy—a legacy that fuels our passion, drives our pursuit of service, and reminds us that the story behind a name can be a powerful force, shaping the very fabric of an organization.

Join us on our journey as we strive to honor and celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Ackerman twins, and forge a future that resonates with the ideals they held dear. At A2 Federal, their legacy lives on, propelling us forward, and serving as a testament to the enduring power of service, courage, and dreams.

Gabriel Cosentino

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer of A2 Federal, Gabriel Cosentino develops and standardizes operational best practices that enable A2 Federal to provide innovative and compliant solutions to Government and industry partners. While being responsible for day-to-day operations across all programs, Mr. Cosentino oversees A2 Federal’s revenue management and financial strategy to posture A2 Federal for future opportunities. Joining A2 Federal was the next step in Mr. Cosentino’s endeavor to contribute to the mission. He believes the increasingly dynamic operating environment demands equally dynamic solutions, and strives to forge the next generation of the United States’ security efforts.

Mr. Cosentino is an Intelligence Professional having served within several organizations within the Intelligence Community from the Department of Energy to two Combatant Commands with the Defense Intelligence Agency. Mr. Cosentino is an all-source analyst by trade and has supported numerous strategic intelligence requirements.

Mr. Cosentino graduated from Florida International University, where he received his Bachelor’s in International Relations with a focus on National Security Studies. Throughout his time in Academia, he joined FIU’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence-sponsored Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence Intelligence Fellowship program, where he received mentorship from Intelligence professionals and rigorous training on analytic tradecraft.

Gary Ackerman

President and Chief Executive Officer

As the President and Chief Executive Officer of A2 Federal, Gary Ackerman leads and guides the vision and mission of A2 Federal to ensure its continued success across all levels of operations. Mr. Ackerman sought to create a firm dedicated to giving back to its people, and the nation’s security.

Mr. Ackerman is a retired Air Force service member, having contributed to numerous intelligence and operational missions. As an Air Force service member assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations, Mr. Ackerman served as an Operations Coordinator implementing and guiding operations across several areas of responsibilities. Following a two-decade military career, Mr. Ackerman continued his service as a Federal Contractor managing numerous intelligence and defense programs, as a Program Manager and later, Capture Manager.

Mr. Ackerman received his Associate’s in Information Resource Management from the Community College of the Air Force, and later attended a wide array Air Force and DIA leadership and operational courses. Additionally, Mr. Ackerman attended the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute’s Foreign Language School where he studied French.

Carlos Salvat

Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President of A2 Federal, Carlos Salvat focuses on developing and implementing the firm’s strategic vision to ensure A2 Federal remains postured to combat the multi-faceted threats facing the nation. Remaining abreast of intelligence and defense challenges, Mr. Salvat preserves A2 Federal’s world-class defense and intelligence expertise to advance the firm’s support to its government and industry partners across the U.S. intelligence community and defense enterprise.

Mr. Salvat is a career Intelligence professional having served within the ranks of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Stationed at U.S. Central Command, Mr. Salvat served within the Mission Management, Joint Target Intelligence Career Field/Specialty. Mr. Salvat worked closely with HQs, Command, and deployed units supporting counterterrorism operations and strategic planning efforts.

Mr. Salvat graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s in International Relations and minor in Political Science. Throughout his time at FIU, Mr. Salvat developed a passion for public service and joined FIU’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence-sponsored Intelligence Community Centers for Academic Excellence Intelligence Fellowship program where he later obtained an academic certificate in National Security Studies, and executive certificates in Global Security & Public Policy and Russian Language.