From planning to execution, A2 Federal offers 360 degree support to streamline security efforts. Across all scopes of the defense and intelligence enterprise, we provide tailored expertise to exceed all customer mission requirements. The following practice areas are focused on enabling your mission success.


From all-source analysis to specific intelligence disciplines, our analysts are experts in their field. A2 Federal provides intellectually motivated analysts who are fueled by the mission. Our analysts sit at the core of the Intelligence Community and various DoD components. A2 Federal provides expertise in a wide-array of functional and regional topics that aid all levels of the decision making process from planning to execution.


To enable the skillful execution of the most complex and challenging operations, our meticulous professionals have unique expertise in the varying degrees of defense and intelligence operations including targeting, planning, C4/ISR, and collection management. A2 Federal plays an essential role in providing a decisive advantage to strategic, operational, and tactical missions.


At the foundation of all security operations lies dedicated mission support professionals. Our staff are committed individuals keenly aware of their unique contribution to the mission. A2 Federal offers professionals covering all diverse functions from administrative support to training and education. Focused on exceeding customer requirements, A2 Federal delivers the highest quality support to enable efficient and cost-effective operations.