A2 Federal is a defense contracting company committed to enhancing the United States’ security efforts. Focused on supporting contract requirements, A2 Federal offers a premier workforce of dedicated individuals with vast expertise in analysis, operations, and mission support to encompass all critical defense and intelligence functions.


A2 Federal is built on the foundation of three core values – Commitment, Teamwork, and Professionalism. These values are ever present throughout all aspects of our decision making process, serving as a compass to guide A2 Federal and our partners to the highest peaks.


OUR WORKFORCE AND CUSTOMERS ARE OUR PRIORITY. Despite ever-changing customer requirements, we remain committed to providing exceptional services to our workforce and partners, ensuring a motivated team and exceeding customer expectations.


COMPLEX THREATS DEMAND A UNIFIED FRONT. By fostering a teamwork-centric culture, we create a collaborative environment focused on equipping customers with critical information to neutralize enduring and emerging threats.


NATIONAL SECURITY EFFORTS DEMAND EXCELLENCE. We strongly believe that success is a product of professionalism. Exhibiting the boundless attributes of professionalism into our practice enables us to provide enhanced services to our customers.